"Wet" Dockage

Boat Ramp Locator!
State Trailering Laws

Moorings Protection Location Info  
In order from Downtown Louisville    
The Great Lawn Partly Downtown Waterfront NA  
Jeffersonville Docks None Jeffersonville, IN  Waterfront City of Jeffersonville  
Louisville Boat Harbor Partly Behind Towhead Island Photo!  
Turner's-American Club None Between King Fish and Waldoah Beach Tom Dumstorf; 893-3288  
Waldoah Beach None Between Turner's and Cox Park Private Houses  
Fairview Boat Harbor None Beach after Cox Park Up for sale-$200,000  
Knights of Columbus None Down River Road from Fairview 893-2220; 4417 Upper River Rd.  
Louisville Boat Club None Down River Road from KofC 897-2038, 896-0375  
Admiral's Anchor Marina Full Indiana-Behind Six Mile Island    
Stilts House None Steps right after House on Stilts NA  
Juniper Beach Docks Full Goose Creek 228-6007  
Juniper Beach None Between Goose Creek and Limestone Private Houses; 228-1941  
Limestone Bay Yacht Club Full Just after Juniper Beach, 5801 Upper River Rd. Photo!  
Riverside Beach None NA Private Houses  
Gulthrie Beach None Beach before Captain's Quarters Rest. Private Houses  
Harrod's Creek Moorings Full Harrod's Creek, KY Click on link  
Transylvania Beach None Beach upriver from Capt.Quarters Private Houses  
Beechland Beach None Just Past Hays Kennedy Park Private Houses  
Louisville Yacht Club Full Oldham Co, down Rose Island Road Photo!, 228-1100; 3308 S Rose Island Rd  
Belknap Beach None Oldham Co, down Rose Island Road Private Houses  
Harmony Village None Oldham Co, down Rose Island Road Private Houses  
Rose Island Yacht Club Full Next to Heather's on the River Photo!, 228-1800; 1990 Justin Cv.  
Tartan's Landing Yacht Club Full Oldham Co, other side of Grassy Flats Photo!  

My 1966 31' Marinette in dock at Transylvania Beach